Campaigners have criticised the royals for continuing to increase their spending of public money while public services are squeezed. But campaign group Republic has also urged journalists to report the true cost of the royals, which is in excess of £345m a year.

While the sovereign grant hasn't increased, their reported spending of public money has gone up by 5%.

Republic has called palace claims to cost just over a pound per person 'dishonest spin' that should be ignored by every serious media outlet.

Republic has also slammed William for refusing to publish his annual accounts.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"The royals have long hidden their true cost, which we have worked out to be at least £345m. That's enough to pay for 13,000 new nurses or teachers."

"Trying to excuse this by dividing the figure by every man, woman and child is nonsense. The questions that need to be asked are whether this spending is ethical, a good use of public money and what else it could be spent on. When the president of Ireland costs just €4m how can this expense be justified?"

"Our figure of £345m is far more accurate than the official report, when we factor in costs to local councils, local police forces, the revenue of the two Duchies and security."

"This year we have also had the huge cost of the funeral and the £250m inheritance tax bill Charles has avoided."

"The Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall are public property, property of the Crown and therefore of the state. With profits going to William at a record high of £24m, it's time we took them back and spent that money on local communities."

"And William has some explaining to do, because a change of monarch and heir is no excuse to row back on what little transparency there is. There is no reason they can't continue to publish their accounts and this leaves the suspicion they are hiding something."