Get Involved

Republic is growing, support for the monarchy is falling and now is the time to raise our voices up and down the country.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, whether you want to campaign in your local area, be a digital activist, volunteer on a particular project or be part of Republic's protests.

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Make sure you get the emails. Republic will email you with updates on the campaign and ways you can get involved.

Local campaigns and activism

Republic now supports a network of autonomous Local Groups around the UK, with multiple key volunteers called Ambassadors sustaining them.

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Be an ambassador

These Local Groups are organised and run by great Republic members like you. Interested in organising something where you live? 

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Digital activism

If you prefer to do your campaigning from the comfort of your armchair there's plenty you can do via email and social media. 

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Events and protests

Republic and local campaigners are organising events, protests and meetings around the country. 

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Specialist research groups

Republic has set up a range of new Specialist Groups, teams of people with expertise to offer who can help us challenge the monarchy and argue for a republic. 

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Sign up as a volunteer

Not sure what you want to do? Complete the volunteer form and we'll get in touch as and when opportunities arise. Or email [email protected] to find out more about what opportunities there are. 

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