What we want

Republic's goal is simple: replace the monarchy with an elected head of state and more democratic political system.

Instead of a king, we want someone chosen by the people, not running the government but representing the nation independently of our politicians.

A democratic alternative

The monarchy should not exist in a democratic society. The vast majority of us believe in democracy, and the vast majority of us believe democracy makes for a fairer, more prosperous society. But how many of us believe the British version of democracy is working well?

Too much power in the hands of government, it's too difficult to hold people to account, and we see corruption and cronyism everywhere, especially the Lords and in the honours system.

The monarchy and the Crown are central parts of this failing political system. The powers of the Crown are exercised by the prime minister, while the king only does what the prime minister tells him to do.

This is a politicians' monarchy, it serves them, and it serves the royals.

Republic is calling for a more democratic politics, one that puts limits on the power of the prime minister and government, that gets rid of the Lords and that allows us to choose an effective, elected head of state.

The president wouldn't be running the country, making decisions about schools, hospitals or the economy - the government would do that. The government would still be led by the prime minister. The president would be there to ensure the rules of politics are followed, that those in power don't overstep their authority and to represent the nation as our most senior diplomat.

In short, Republic wants to take what we have now, a prime minister, two houses of parliament and a head of state with a limited role, and make it democratic, top to bottom.

A corrupt monarchy

If corruption is the abuse of public office for personal gain, then the monarchy is corrupt.

Because we can’t hold the King and his family to account at the ballot box, there’s nothing to stop them abusing their privilege, misusing their influence or simply wasting our money.

And that's exactly what they do. The royals demand secrecy surrounds everything they do, they lobby the government in secret to secure exemptions from lots of laws, including environmental protection and race discrimination law. And they keep spending public money like it was their own.

The monarchy gives us a head of state unlikely to win a free, fair and competitive election.

Support is falling sharply, with only around half the country preferring or even caring about the monarchy.

The monarchy is a broken institution. It's time for a change. A head of state that’s chosen by us could really represent our hopes and aspirations – and help us keep politicians in check.

Changing the country for good

Replacing the monarchy with a democratic alternative - an elected head of state - will make a real difference to the country. It isn't the answer to every issue we face, but it will give us a better democracy and will make solving other big challenges easier and fairer.

  • When Britain becomes a republic we will at last make sure that our nation's democratic values go right to the top. We will change the political culture and our relationship with those in power. Ordinary citizens will be able to take part in the process of choosing our head of state and even put themselves forward for the job.
  • Becoming a republic will put a stop to the royals' routine abuses of public money and their daily interference in our country's politics. In a republic the Windsor family will be equal citizens too, with the same rights to take part in the political process as the rest of us, but no special access or privileged status.
  • A move to a republic will give us the chance to re-balance power between government, parliament and the people. By getting rid of the Crown we can put limits on what our government can do without the support of parliament - and put limits on what parliament can do without the clear support of the people.
  • A republic will give us an effective head of state, someone chosen by us to referee the political process and champion the interests of the British people.
  • A democratic Britain will also give a huge boost to 'brand Britain'. Our nation's image abroad will be of the modern, confident and forward looking country we really are. As VisitBritain says in their guide to promoting Britain, we can avoid the cliché-ridden imagery of the past and promote our heritage as a living part of a dynamic, positive and modern nation.

Becoming a republic solves some immediate problems - but it also gives the people the power to continue making Britain a more democratic and fairer place to live.

A republic builds on our best traditions and on our shared experiences. Our heritage and history will remain, including royal palaces (that are already owned and paid for by the taxpayer) open all year for tourists. This campaign is about building on the best of what we already have, taking our political institutions and making them genuinely democratic and there for the people, not the few.

A republic isn't about the royals. It's about you!


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