Yes or No, the Monarchy Must GO!  That's the simple message from the annual conference of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, set to be held in Edinburgh on July 12.

Republic will be challenging Scotland to take on the issue of the monarchy's future in the run up to September's referendum. While Republic remains neutral on the Yes/No question it believes if Scotland votes Yes the newly independent nation must be a republic.

The annual conference will introduce the growing republican campaign to a new audience, and will be a chance to launch a stronger push for a republic in Scotland.

Republic's chief executive officer Graham Smith said today:

"We want everyone on these islands to be able to vote for their head of state.  If after September Scotland is set on the path to independence then this issue must be on the agenda."

"A proud declaration of independence on one bended knee to a foreign monarch is no way to make your mark on the world.  Scotland and all the UK deserve a modern democratic alternative to royalty and deference."

"If Scotland votes No then we will continue to work for a united British republic - a campaign Scots need to play a leading role in if we're to succeed."

"Yes or no, Scotland has shown that the voting public can engage in these big issues and take seriously these big questions about how we're governed."

"Next on the agenda for Scotland and the whole of Britain must be the future of the monarchy - this issue goes to the heart of what's wrong with our democracy.  Too much power in the hands of the government, too much power and influence in the hands of the royals."

"Our message is simple, Yes or No, the monarchy must go."

Republic's devolved branch, Republic Scotland, will be working over the coming months to raise the issue of the monarchy in the run up to the independence referendum.  If Scotland votes Yes the group will push for an immediate commitment to drop the monarchy.