Campaign group Republic has today called on MPs to drop God Save the Queen altogether and introduce two new anthems, one for England and one for the UK.

MPs are today debating the introduction of a new sporting anthem for England.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"Our anthem isn't that popular even with those who support the monarchy. It is dull, uninspiring and hardly mentions the nation."

"A national anthem should be about the country, not the Queen and God.  For republicans, atheists and anyone with good taste God Save the Queen is an awful song set to a funereal dirge."

"I certainly welcome today's Commons debate, it doesn't make sense that Scotland and Wales have their own anthems, yet England is stuck with God Save the Queen."

"But we need to go further - let's have a national competition to find a new, exciting and uplifting national anthem for the whole country - one we can all sing."