Anti-monarchy protesters are set to turn up outside Buckingham Palace for Trooping the Colour on June 15th.
This is the latest of a string of protests against the monarchy organised by Republic and the first at Trooping the Colour. Protesters will be gathering opposite Buckingham Palace near the end of The Mall.
Organisers will be there from 8am and protesters will begin to arrive from 9am onwards.
Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:
"This is another costly royal celebration, a birthday parade that celebrates a corrupt, dishonest institution when people are crying out for change."
"Support for the monarchy has dropped sharply in recent years, down towards 50%, while abolition is now supported by a third of the population."
"Rather than having the parade to celebrate Charles's birthday, why not use the moment to celebrate the service given by our armed forces?"
"Rather than see royals wear uniforms, rank and medals they've not earned, let's put real military personnel front and centre."
"Instead of celebrating this undemocratic institution, let's celebrate the people of this great country."

"We will continue to protest at royal events, getting people engaged with this issue and sparking wider debate about the future of the monarchy." 
"And our message is clear: It's time to abolish the monarchy, it's time to change the country for good."