The Queen and the rest of the royal family will be greeted by a major anti-monarchy protest when they attend the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday June 3, campaign group Republic announced today.

The “protest at the pageant” will take place on the south bank of the Thames between City Hall and Tower Bridge, in front of Potters Fields Park. Protesters will be in full view of the royal barge as the Queen and other royals disembark to watch the pageant pass through the historic bridge.

Hundreds of republicans from across the country are expected to attend what Republic has described as the “biggest and boldest anti-monarchy protest of modern times”. The pressure group has been in ongoing talks with the Metropolitan Police, who have confirmed they have no concerns about the site and have pledged to facilitate the protest as part of their operations for the day.

Protest placards, posters, t-shirts and leaflets are available from, where coaches from around the country can also be booked.

Republic spokesperson Graham Smith said:

"We're going to make sure that on the jubilee weekend, the republican movement will be impossible to ignore. The royals spend most of their lives shielded from criticism - this protest will give them a rare glimpse of the strength of republican sentiment in Britain today.”

"The Palace's jubilee campaign has already backfired – people are sick and tired of being told they must celebrate 60 years of one very privileged, very remote and very uninspiring head of state."

"Over a quarter of Britons want the monarchy abolished, and that's only going to grow as Charles gets closer to the throne. This protest will kickstart a real debate about the future of the monarchy and how we can all participate in choosing our next head of state."