Campaign group Republic has called on the Queen to issue a full apology for the Royal Household's failures on race over the past seven decades.

The call follows revelations in today's Guardian that the household used to ban black and Asian immigrants from staff appointments. The palace also successfully lobbied to be exempted from race laws that ban discrimination in the workplace.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"These revelations are absolutely appalling. So much for the royal family promoting race relations and strong links across the Commonwealth."

"To hear the Queen actively discriminated against black and Asian employees, and still has the freedom to do so, is shocking."

"The royal family has a long history of questionable attitudes on race, whether Prince Philip's numerous comments while on official engagement's, or accusations being levelled at Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and the Queen Mother."

"These documents show the Queen had specifically lobbied for an exemption and was willing to withhold consent for the law to pass if it wasn't granted."*

"The Queen owes the country a full apology for this and all the Royal Household's failings on race. And the law needs to be changed as soon as possible, to give palace staff the same protections as everyone else."


*The Queen's Consent rule is different to Royal Assent. Queen's consent can be withheld on any law that affects the Queen's personal and private interests.


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