Republic has today responded to reports of Prince Charles’s apparent concerns about becoming monarch. An article in Time magazine suggests Charles wants to ‘gets as much done as possible’ before his activities are curtailed by ascending to the throne.

Graham Smith, Republic’s chief executive, dismissed the comments as self-pitying and self-promotional guff.

He said today:

“If Charles really wants to work to improve peoples lives he can renounce his claim to the throne, make a commitment to pursue good causes rather than take the job of head of state.”

“His comments are typical of a man self-obsessed and self-pitying, determined to interfere in whatever political issue takes his fancy but resistant to any challenge or accountability.”

“If Charles wants to get involved in politics he should do so on the same terms as everyone else. It is a disgrace that his lobbying and influence are protected by official secrecy.”

“The real danger is that Charles won’t feel constrained once he’s king, and these latest revelations are no doubt part of a softening-up exercise designed to prepare the public for an activist monarch.”

“Charles is a politician in all but name and must be challenged on those terms. It’s time the public were told the full facts about the extent of his interference and lobbying of our politicians.”