Prince William did just 46.7 days of work during his first year since leaving the RAF, according to new research.

The research, reported by the Daily Express today, shows that Prince William conducted royal engagements on 78 separate days, working the equivalent for 46.7 working days.  49 of those engagements were for parties, trips to the cinema and other kinds of entertainment.

Despite continuous claims of being a hard working royal Prince William has been anything but.  After costing the taxpayer £400,000 for leaving the RAF early the prince has declined to commit himself to a demanding schedule.

William has done fewer than 47 days of work in the year since leaving his RAF job.

A lot of these engagements have been entirely self-serving, promoting the royal brand as much as performing any kind of public service.

Republic, the campaign group behind the research, has branded Prince William 'lazy' and has challenged the notion of a hard working royal.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"The claims of hard work by royals have always sounded hollow – hard working people do long days five or six days a week and get paid normal salaries, while keeping up with the demands of family, mortgages and struggling with the rising cost of living."  

"Prince William costs the taxpayer each year from subsidised accommodation, security and travel as well as any costs met by funds drawn from the Duchy of Cornwall, yet the taxpayer gets very little in return."

"Most recently the taxpayer has had to pay for his early exit from the RAF and the £4.5m refurbishment of apartments in Kensington palace."

"This research puts the lie to the claims and shows William to be every bit as lazy and cynical as any other royal."

"It's time the royals were sent packing so real hard working people can choose their own head of state."

Meanwhile Republic is running its #bornEqual campaign to highlight the questions raised by the birth of another royal baby.