Republican campaign group Republic has responded to The Sun's decision to publish photographs of Prince Harry by calling for an end to media "double standards" concerning the royals.

Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said:

"Harry is entitled to his privacy on holiday like anyone else, and his antics in Vegas are hardly a 'scandal' as some have claimed. However, the furore does raise serious questions about the media's relationship with the Palace."

"The Windsor family hold considerable formal and informal power, as well as receiving many millions of pounds of public money each year - they should be scrutinised like anyone else who holds public office."

"Would the media have published these photographs immediately if they were of a politican? If so, then it's a clear case of double standards - we need to ask why we treat the Windsor family differently to other public servants."

"The last people the media should be kowtowing to are the royal family, especially given their exemption from the freedom of information act and the secrecy surrounding their finances."