The first state opening of parliament under the new Labour government is to face anti-monarchy protests on July 17th.

Last week's election is likely to have brought dozens more republicans into the Commons as Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens gained hundreds of seats between them.

This will be the second State Opening in a row that has been met with anti-monarchy protests. Campaign group Republic has pledged to continue protesting at major royal events until the monarchy is abolished.

This protest will also be joined by members of Labour for a Republic.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"We're excited to be returning to the State Opening, one of the key events in the royal calendar. We want to send a clear signal that we're not going away - and that this new parliament represents a new opportunity for the movement."

"Last November hundreds of protesters turned up opposite parliament to protest against the monarchy and the King's role in our parliament."

"Our parliament is opened by a king wearing a crown while sitting in the Lords. It is just weird we continue with this pantomime that celebrates the worst, least democratic aspects of our political system."

"Republic continues to enjoy unprecedented growth and our protests show no sign of stopping or slowing down."

"This is about more than the monarch, it's about the place of the Crown in parliament and the ramshackle state of our constitution."

"I'm delighted that we will see the group Labour for a Republic join us - we know lots of Labour MPs are sympathetic, and we will be working hard to win their active support."

"We also expect to see more support from other opposition parties such as the Liberal Democrats and Greens."

"This is the parliament that will see changing attitudes to the monarchy reflected in political debate. That work starts on July 17th."