When November 07, 2023 at 9:15am 3 hrs


Republic is returning to London for our first protest since the Coronation. We’ll be protesting at the State Opening of Parliament on the 7th November, standing in opposition to the monarchy and the Crown, which lies at the heart of political power in the UK. Not My King. Not Any King. Down with the Crown. Abolish the Monarchy!

We’ll be on the corner of Parliament Street, outside the Parliament Gift Shop. The Met has closed off the centre of the main square (we're lobbying to have that decision reversed). Don’t worry though, we’ll still be in position to run an amazing protest - telling Charles that he isn’t our King and the monarchy has no place in a fair, democratic society.

Wear yellow!

Wear yellow if you can, and bring a placard! We will have placards and flags handy, so don't worry if you can't bring your own. We want to see a sea of yellow opposite parliament, making ourselves as visible as possible.

Have you pledged to protest?

It helps us to know how many people are likely to be there. You can pledge to protest and tell us you'll be outside parliament on November 7.

There are multiple tube stations that protestors can use to get to the area on the day, although we’d advise using these ones, to avoid any road closures that might obstruct getting to our spot:
- Westminster (100yds away, 1 min walk)
- Lambeth North (0.7mi away, 15 min walk)
- Waterloo (0.8mi away, 17 min walk)

The protest officially starts at 9.15am, with Charles expected to make his appearance around 11am. The Republic team and volunteers will be setting up from 8am onwards, so, if you can, turn up from then to help get our protest underway!

Further Info
Make sure to keep updated with our social media channels during the protest, which will give out key updates on the day. Find these on our Linktree. Also, make sure to check out www.greenandblackcross.org, which has important info available for safe protesting, along with advice if the Met overstep their mark on the day (we're talking to the Met to limit any chances of problems).

While you're here, make sure to sign our Pledge to Protest to let us know you'll be coming along!