Anti-monarchy group Republic has called on Spain to allow a democratic decision on their next head of state.  The call follows the news that King Juan Carlos is to abdicate.

Republic is a member of the Alliance of European Republican Movements and supports Spanish republican demands for the abolition of the monarchy.

Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:

"This is Europe in 2014, not 1714.  When heads of state stand down the people have a right to decide who succeeds them."

"A royal succession shows us just how simple this issue is: the people need their voices heard when it comes to choosing a head of state.  It's not ok to simply pass a public position down the family line."

"The Spanish royals have been beset with scandals - they cannot be allowed to arrogantly pass the Crown from father to son without a vote by the Spanish people."

"It's the same in Britain as it is in Spain - the head of state is an important position that can't be left to chance. The people have a right to vote."