Prince Charles, the Queen and other royals should publicly condemn the Sultan of Brunei for human rights abuses, campaigners have said today.

The call comes amid a growing backlash against the state's decision to introduce death by stoning for gay sex and other so-called crimes.

Senior royals in the UK have a long relationship with the Sultan and his family.

Graham Smith, speaking for campaign group Republic, said today:

"Prince Charles is selective in his condemnation of human rights abuses.  We know he has a close relationship with the Sultan, but this is one occassion when he can and should speak up."

"This is beyond politics, it is basic human decency.  To remain silent about the barbaric behaviour of a close friend is unacceptable."

"To celebrate her jubilee, the Queen had no qualms hosting a dinner for dictators and despots in 2012.  Perhaps now she can make amends by standing up for the victims of these human rights abusers."

"William and Harry have tried to ingratiate themselves with the LGBT community in recent years, yet they remain silent when LGBT people in Brunei face a real threat of death.  They're quick to speak up on other issues, including issues where they should remain silent."

"As opponents of the monarchy Republic is usually insistent on royal silence, but this is about basic human decency, not politics.  Their silence when it comes to the crimes of their friends speaks volumes about their priorities and their loyalties."