A 32,000-strong petition against taxpayers' money being spent on the royal wedding will be handed to MPs early Wednesday evening.


The petition, organised by campaign group Republic, shows strong opposition to public money being spent on Saturday's wedding. 


The strength of feeling was backed up today by a YouGov poll which showed 57% think the royals should foot the whole bill, including security and policing.


Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad will be one of the MPs receiving the petition shortly after 5pm on Wednesday.


Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:


"There is nothing inevitable about the public spending money on a royal wedding.  If the royals don't want to pay a big security bill they could have had a private wedding in Sandringham or Balmoral."


"Instead Harry has decided to turn his wedding into a public parade, costing the taxpayers' millions."


"This week's YouGov poll shows 66% aren't interested in the wedding, most people want the royals to pay."


"This petition is calling on MPs to make the royals pay.  When public services are stretched and police forces are struggling to cope, it's a disgrace that the royals think we should subsidise their big day."


Republic will be handing the petition to Emma Dent Coad and Tommy Sheppard on College Green outside parliament at around 5:15pm on Wednesday 16th May.


The petition to parliament says:


We petition the UK parliament to commit no public money to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and to call upon the government to publish a report of all costs to taxpayers.  





Republic will be hosting the International Republican Convention this Saturday, the day of the royal wedding.  Speakers include Tommy Sheppard MP, Emma Dent Coad MP, Jenny Hocking from Australia, representatives from European republican movements and Republic's Graham Smith.


The event is open to journalists.  


Doors open at 1pm for a 1:30 start.  The convention will be held at:


St Bride Foundation

14 Bride Lane

London EC4Y 8EQ

(near Blackfriar's station)