Campaigners have called on politicians and the media to lead an honest and serious debate about racism in the royal family.

Since Meghan Markle's accusation of racism on Monday the debate has focussed on denials of racism and a popularity contest between the Windsors and Sussexes.

Graham Smith, of anti monarchy group Republic said:

"A lot of people in the UK will not remember the countless accusations of racism directed at numerous members of the royal family."

"From Prince Philip's so-called gaffes and the Queen Mother's offensive language to stories of outbursts by Princess Michael of Kent, there is good reason to believe that racist attitudes are not uncommon within the royal family."

"Any debate about royals and racism needs to be honest and open, yet instead we get defensive denialism and more gaslighting of Meghan Markle."

"The monarchy is politics, not a glorified Kardashian soap opera. If these accusations were directed at a politician, if a politician responded with the same contempt for the public as the Queen's message, this would be playing out very differently."

"Royalty has a toxic impact on British public life, as otherwise sensible people do mental gymnastics to defend royals for no reason other than they are royals. That has to stop."

"The clearest and simplest answer to a racist monarchy is the abolition of the monarchy. Instead we get a public debate that attempts to accommodate and explain away racism so the monarchy itself isn't threatened."

"The Queen's response to Meghan Markle's complaints has done significant damage to the fight against racism, and the recent drive to promote mental health. That needs to be called out for the sake of everyone impacted by these issues."

"The good of this country is not served by defending the royals no matter what. It's time the media and politicians stepped up and took on racism in the royal family."