Campaigners have criticised the Queen’s call for her son to be awarded the role of Commonwealth head, calling it out as nepotism and an abuse of public office.


Graham Smith of campaign group Republic said today:


“When Donald Trump gives jobs to family members there’s an outcry, when the Queen does it we’re told it's all ok. We’ve all become too desensitised to royal patronage and nepotism to spot it for what it is.”


“Britain’s head of state yesterday tried to publicly back government leaders into a corner, making it more difficult for them to do the right thing and choose a non-royal successor.”


“Previous reports of private lobbying are bad enough, yesterday’s speech is beyond the pale.”


“The Commonwealth has a rare opportunity to modernise its image this week. If that opportunity is missed it will be on the shoulders of the Queen and the British government.”


“Given Britain’s recent treatment of commonwealth citizens it seems utterly inappropriate to then demand those countries support royal patronage and nepotism.”


“And nepotism is exactly what this is, it’s not a nice gesture or motherly support for a son. It’s a blatant abuse of public office in favour of her family.”