The announcement of the new royal baby is a clear reminder that in Britain we're not all born equal - that British democracy has its limits, according to campaign group Republic.

The group's chief executive Graham Smith said today:

"Like thousands of other parents-to-be across the country, Kate and William must be thrilled - but their news just highlights the absurdity of hereditary office and focuses minds on what kind of future we want for Britain."

"People are rightly asking: "Why doesn't every child have the chance to be head of state?  Can we really be equal in a country of royal births and power and privilege for one family?""

"A royal baby is great news for the republican movement as it raises serious questions about the future of the monarchy, ones the royal family would rather avoid."

"Next year, while we get to vote for who leads our government we get told again who will be in line to be head of state - the people will be told in no uncertain terms that our democracy has limits, no-go areas that are off limits to the public."

"These big issues of state and identity clearly matter to people - as we're seeing in Scotland.  The monarchy has to be the next big issue on the constitutional agenda. Another royal birth will only remind people why the monarchy is a bad fit for modern Britain."