Just after midday today, members of Republic staged a protest inside Windsor Castle. Activists unfurled a banner reading ‘End Royal Secrecy’, in front of the Round Tower, where Royal Archives are housed.

Royal secrecy is set to be a major focus of Republic’s campaign this year.

An increasing number of journalists, academics and researchers are questioning why so many records are kept hidden away.

Exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act mean the royals can hide official records and evidence of lobbying from the general public. Historic archives going back decades remain under lock and key, while the royals refuse to publish their wills.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said today:

"Windsor Castle is ground-zero for royal secrecy. This is where the royal archives are hidden away. That’s why we’ve protested here today."

"The royals are very secretive. They have persuaded the government to exempt the monarchy from freedom of information laws."

"The royals keep their wills hidden for decades after one of them dies - while everyone else's is made public. They lobby politicians and government officials, and voters have no idea what they're saying or the impact it has."

"Experience tells us the royals will fight to protect their secrets at all costs. They know that their archives and correspondence will shock the public."

"That's why royal secrecy is an issue that won’t be solved by reform. The monarchy must be abolished in favour of an accountable, transparent, elected head of state."

"With the popularity of the monarchy hitting record lows, discontent with the Monarchy's inflated and undemocratic place in society will only grow louder and louder."

"Republic will continue to protest against the monarchy and we will continue to demand an end to royal secrecy."


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