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We want to get at least 500 people donating at least £20 each, so we can do more to challenge the Duchy of Cornwall.

That would raise £10,000! 

The Duchy of Cornwall belongs to the nation. But Prince Charles is allowed to run it as his own private business. And he gets a huge number of exemptions from laws the rest of us have to follow.

The government is now reviewing leaseholder law, which means millions of home owners will be able to buy the land their house stands on.

Unless you live on Duchy of Cornwall land. Prince Charles routinely insists on legal exemptions that give him huge financial advantages, and which discriminate against Duchy tenants.


Your donation will mean Republic can do more to challenge the Duchy and to get the government to include the Duchy in any leasehold reform. 

Here's what we can do with your support:

  • Send a report on the Duchy to every MP
  • Increase and improve our social media strategy, reaching millions more people around the country
  • Launch an online advertising campaign
  • Team up with other campaigns and Duchy tenants, to work together to challenge the Duchy
  • Get legal advice on the possibility of a legal challenge against the Duchy's exemptions
  • Work with MPs, media and celebrity supporters to raise awareness
  • Promote Republic's documentary, The Man Who Shouldn't Be King, which highlights the Duchy issue
  • And loads more!

With your help Republic can do so much more. Thank you!

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