Research Groups

Republic is setting up a range of new Specialist Groups, teams of people with expertise to offer who can help us challenge the monarchy and argue for a republic.

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At the moment our focus is on rebutting the claims about the economic impact of the monarchy, researching the cost of the monarchy to the taxpayer and challenging royal claims to be environmentalists.

Economy Specialist Group

We're looking for economists and business people, as well as people with knowledge and expertise in tourism, trade and branding. Republic wants to create a serious, evidence-based report that challenges the notion the monarchy is good for trade and tourism.

Environment Specialist Group

Do you have academic or professional knowledge, experience or expertise on the environment? We're looking for a broad range of skills and insights that can help Republic challenge William and Charles on their claim to be environmentalists. That includes challenging their own behaviour and rhetoric, the impact of what they do and the notion that Charles has been a leading light in the movement for fifty years.

Royal Finances Specialist Group

Republic last produced a royal finances report in 2017. Now is the time to revisit that report, update it and review its findings. Have we missed anything? Can we do more on challenging the transparency of royal funding and do their accounts add up?


Which group do you want to get involved with?