Campaign group Republic has condemned police action against anti-monarchy protesters over the last few days, and have said they plan more protests in the lead up to the coronation.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"We condemn these arrests in the strongest possible terms. Free speech is fundamental to any democracy. At a time when the media is saturated with fawning over a king appointed without discussion or consent, it is even more important."

"We will be writing to police forces around the country, raising these concerns. We intend to organise protests at the coronation and will expect those protests to be allowed to go ahead peacefully."

"Despite wall-to-wall coverage by broadcasters, in which the monarchy has been debated without republican voices being heard, republicans are being galvanised by the accession of Charles to the throne."

"Charles may have inherited the Crown, but he hasn't inherited the deference and respect afforded to his mother."

"With support for the monarchy already falling - and support for abolition now over 25% - we expect this movement to grow rapidly over the next few years."