Democracy group Republic has today challenged the BBC over its continuing role as propagandist-in-chief for the royal family. The move follows news that the broadcaster will be showing a four part series following prince William in his job as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. Republic has previously accused the BBC of fawning over the royals and failing in its duty to present them in a fair and unbiased way. The group will be contacting the new Director General to raise concerns over how the BBC continues to promote the royals in a consistently flattering light. Republic chief executive officer Graham Smith said today: "Prince William is a public figure who is in line to be head of state. As with all royals he should be dealt with by the BBC in an impartial and dispassionate way." "It is not appropriate for the BBC to commission a piece of PR that will promote the image of the royals in an uncritical manner, putting William in the role of the hero." "If this kind of coverage were given to a politician there would be hell to pay. The BBC has got to learn: they have to report the royals, not celebrate them." "The BBC has recently renewed it's commitment to impartiality, establishing a fresh review of the BBC's output. It is extraordinary that at the same time the broadcaster commissions uncritical promotional documentaries about 'William the hero."