Republic has today accused the government of a cover up after agreeing to veto a Freedom of Information request for access to prince Charles's lobbying. In his statement, the Attorney General Dominic Grieve admitted that the letters were 'particularly frank' - expressing Charles's 'most deeply held personal views and beliefs' - and would be 'seriously damaging to his role as future monarch'. Republic has said that clearly prince Charles has something to hide and that ministers have colluded and conspired with him to keep his secrets under wraps. The ministerial veto comes after a court ruling making clear that the documents should be disclosed. Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said today: "It's an open secret that prince Charles lobbies the government.

What the public has a right to know is what he is lobbying for and whether he is actually influencing policy." "The Attorney General's decision is all about protecting Charles and the royal family from scrutiny, putting his demands above the rights of the British people. The coalition agreement pledged to 'throw open the doors of public bodies' so that the public can hold them to account - that clearly doesn't apply to the royal household." "Dominic Grieve has made it clear today that no citizen should ever bother trying to find out what the royals are doing behind closed doors: the government will never let the light in." "This decision is a serious affront to British democracy and must be challenged. That's why we're announcing a new campaign for changes to the Freedom of Information Act that will allow the royals to be held accountable for their interference." "Grieve has said this is about protecting prince Charles's impartiality, but that impartiality doesn't exist. Charles has made that clear. This decision is about pretending Charles is impartial while he continues to lobby in favour of his own political agenda." "If Grieve believes Charles to be impartial then let him prove it by allowing the release of these documents."


Dominic Grieve's full statement can be accessed online at