Republic has today criticised plans being proposed by a group of MPs to rename parliament's east tower, which houses Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower.

Republic's chief executive Graham Smith said today:

"Parliament is the home of British democracy and as flawed as that democracy is it must remain a tribute to our democratic values. Associating this institution with the unelected, unaccountable and anti-democratic monarchy is crass and completely inappropriate."

"This is another opportunity for the monarchy to co-opt every institution to its cause. As interest in the monarchy wanes among the wider public a few out of touch MPs are doing their best to shore up its support."

"Perhaps this is just a cynical attempt by these MPs to ingratiate themselves with the palace in the hope of a gong, or to deflect attention from more important matters. Whatever the reason the parliament is for the people, not for the royals."

"I would suggest these MPs should be paying a little more attention to the needs of their constituents, rather than prostrating themselves in front of the most privileged woman in the country."