A YouGov poll out this week shows the Scottish are the least likely to like the Queen or care about the future of the monarchy.


Key findings in Scotland include:

Only 43% of Scots like the Queen 'a great deal' or 'a fair amount' compared to 60% for the whole of the UK

16% say they don't like the Queen while 35% have no opinion

 A clear majority (53%) of people in Scotland think MPs should swear an oath of allegiance to the country, not the monarch

Unlike the rest of the UK, just 35% would be disappointed if the monarchy ended following the reign of the current Queen.  27% said they'd be happy.

Scots are the least interested in Saturday's royal wedding, with a huge 75% telling YouGov that they're not interested.

The poll, commissioned by campaign group Republic, has shown UK-wide indifference to the royal wedding, but Scotland is well ahead on key questions about the monarchy.


Graham Smith, speaking for Republic today said:


"We've always known Scotland is more republican minded than the rest of the UK, this poll adds fuel to that argument."


"People keep telling me everyone loves the Queen, clearly that's not the case.  I have no animosity towards her myself, this isn't about making the issue personal. But we all need to stop pretending the monarch walks on water or is universally loved."


"Politicians, the media and the country as a whole need to start treating the Queen and the rest of the royals as serious political figures, and challenge them accordingly."


"And broadcasters in particular should understand that their obligation to impartiality still applies when reporting the royals.  The public can handle a more robust approach."


"Scotland is ahead of the UK on republican sentiment, but we're not there yet.  What we can say confidently is that the neither the UK nor Scotland are nations of royalists."




Republic will be hosting the International Republican Convention this Saturday, the day of the royal wedding.  Speakers include Tommy Sheppard MP, Emma Dent Coad MP, Jenny Hocking from Australia, representatives from European republican movements and Republic's Graham Smith.


The event is open to journalists.  


Doors open at 1pm for a 1:30 start.  The convention will be held at:


St Bride Foundation

14 Bride Lane

London EC4Y 8EQ

(near Blackfriar's station)