The planned Trump state visit has highlighted the irrelevance and impotence of Britain's own head of state, campaigners have said today.


Campaign group Republic has said that current events highlight the need for a new constitution for Britain, one that provides an effective non-partisan head of state who can speak for the nation.


Graham Smith, Republic's CEO, said today:


"The Queen should be embarrassed by the Trump visit - she is unable and unwilling to speak out against the Muslim ban.  The state visit highlights just how impotent and irrelevant she is."


"The Queen serves no practical purpose as head of state.  She does as she's told by the prime minister and stays silent at times of crisis."


"Right now we could do with an elected, effective head of state who is independent from the PM.  Someone who can represent and articulate the feelings of millions of British people."


"An effective head of state would condemn the Muslim ban, and refuse the government's request for a state visit.  Britain's head of state simply does the bidding of the PM, no questions asked."


"People will say the Queen is required by the constitution to stay mute.  But that's exactly why we need a new constitution and a new head of state."