News that David Cameron enlisted the support of the Queen during the Scottish referendum in 2014 has further demolished the argument for the monarchy.

That's according to campaign group Republic who have called on the monarch to be challenged over her willingness to do the PM's bidding without question.

Speaking for the group, Graham Smith said today:

"We're always told the Queen is above politics, yet that lie has been exposed time and again in recent years." 

"Cameron's revelation about deliberately enlisting the Queen in his efforts to win the Scottish referendum underscore the fact that the monarch is there to do the prime minister's bidding."

"The Queen has personal responsibility here, she has chosen to become a cypher, a puppet on the PM's strings.  That's because she knows that to exercise any personal judgement would jeopardise the monarchy."

"The Queen was not constitutionally bound to prorogue parliament and was not compelled to interfere with the Scottish referendum.  She chose to do both."

"This is why we need a republic, so we can have an accountable, effective head of state who has an honest and open position within the political life of this country."

"The Queen as a fig leaf for prime ministerial powers is unsustainable.  A monarch with unaccountable power is unacceptable.  The only solution is an elected, constitutional head of state who can perform the role independently of the prime minister."