Graham Smith of campaign group Republic has branded proposals to nominate the Queen for a Nobel Peace Prize 'absurd and offensive'.


He said today:


"The Nobel Peace Prize is often controversial, but it can be said that recipients have at least done something tangible, or made some kind of sacrifice, in the pursuit of peace."


"There simply aren't any grounds whatsoever for the Queen to be nominated - I only hope the Nobel committee has the good sense to ignore any diplomatic overtures."


"This is the worst kind of small-minded sycophancy from ministers and MPs who should know better."


"To suggest the Commonwealth plays a major role in the world is open to doubt, to claim the Queen unites and leads the Commonwealth in the pursuit of peace is as laughable as the nomination is absurd and offensive."


"What has the Queen done except hold onto an empty title for her whole adult life?  Where is the tangible action or the sacrifice?  To nominate, let alone award the prize to the Queen would be an insult to those who do work hard for peace and security."

"I hope the Queen will have the decency to tell the authors of this daft idea to drop it."