The growing republican campaign is in good health and continues to grow. That's the message from Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, on the eve of the final stage of the Queen's birthday celebrations.

Republic has been growing steadily over the past five years, boosted by the royal wedding, two royal births, the jubilee and now the latest hype of the 90th birthday.

Graham Smith said today:

"From virtually nowhere ten years ago we now have a sustainable, resourced, staffed and active campaign.  Every major royal event means more members, more funding and more opportunities to reach a wider audience."

"The string of major events is coming to an end with this birthday.  The country now has to look ahead to the prospect of King Charles.  That's only going to drive up interest in our cause."

"These events have helped create a serious and optimistic republican campaign, one that's intent on winning the arguments and winning over the British public."

"We know the monarchy is wrong in principle, that the palace falls well short of standards expected of them, and that the Queen gives vast powers to the prime minister.  There is a strong case for a republic and it's a case we're gradually getting out to more and more people."

"This is a big challenge, but it's a challenge we can win.  As we get better resourced, bring on more people and build a wider movement we'll start to see a sea change in public debate about the monarchy."

"I'm looking forward to seeing more people engage with our campaign over the weekend and in the months and years to come."