Campaigners have called on the Queen to end her deliberate and underhand interventions in politics.

The call comes after the Queen's controversial speech on European unity, made in Germany this week.

Campaign group Republic has said this fits a recent pattern of intervening and then having the palace deny it is an intervention.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"The Queen intervened in the Scottish referendum, earlier this week the palace sought to cause trouble for the Scottish government, then the Queen intervened in the EU debate."

"All these incidents have been immediately denied by the palace press office - they want to have their say but deny they're saying anything.  It's a dishonest and underhand pattern of interventions that is the result of the Queen being unaccountable for what she does.  They dare not do this openly as that could jeopardise the future of the monarchy."

"This pattern of intervention also fits with the interests of the current prime minister.  It appears the Queen is dancing to the PM's tune."

"The Queen has long-since taken the view that it's better to say nothing interesting, in case interesting becomes controversial.  It seems she is now willing to take more risks, but that's not OK unless she can be held to account.  Of course if she were elected she could speak up, and the voters could then decide if they want her to continue at the next election."

"Given the Queen's unaccountable position and the deference shown her by politicians and most of the press it is vital she stops interfering in politics in this way."

"If David Cameron thinks getting the Queen on side is going to help his cause he is playing with fire.  An outspoken monarch is a much easier target for a growing republican campaign."