Republic has today called on the Queen to keep out of politics and has criticised her comments on Britain's extradition laws as a cynical PR ploy.

The Queen has waded into the debate on extradition laws by making it known to the BBC that she raised doubts about the legal process for extraditing Abu Hamza to government ministers.

Republic's spokesperson Graham Smith said today:

"We're told the Queen is above politics and never gets involved, yet she has apparently admitted that she has interfered in a controversial issue."

"Usually the royals are very secretive about their involvement in politics, yet when there's an opportunity to court public opinion the Queen makes her views known."

"Will she also be making her views known on Julian Assange or Gary McKinnon? Is she all the while meddling in the political process and demanding action from the courts?"

"It is up to parliament and the courts to deal with these complex issues, not the Queen. Monarchists argue the Queen always remains above politics, clearly that is not the case."

"How many times has she intervened in a way that goes against public opinion or the public interest? These are questions that need serious answers."

“Exploiting this issue for PR purposes is not fitting behaviour for a head of state. The BBC also have to answer for the way they have handled this revelation.”

"The decision to disclose this one conversation while keeping all else secret smacks of a deliberate PR stunt to put the Queen on the right side of public opinion. Yet the BBC have acted as the official mouthpiece of the palace without making any attempt to scrutinise what has been said."