Anti-monarchy campaigners have today said the Queen is already in trouble over Brexit, as the row over suspending parliament continues.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said:

"After all the threats to suspend parliament, if Johnson backs off the question will be: Why? Because he changed his mind or because the Queen quietly told him no?"

"If Johnson does prorogue parliament that can only be done with the Queen's agreement."

"In ordinary times the Queen is expected to do what the prime minister wants, but when the PM is at odds with parliament the Queen has to use her own judgement."

"Boris Johnson has put the Queen in the position of having to choose between parliament and government.  It's times like these we need an accountable and effective head of state, not one who leaves us guessing what she's thinking."

"Whatever happens next the questions will linger: did the Queen get involved? Why did she make the choices she made?"

"This isn't something she can blame on advisors or the prime minister.  This is an issue where the Queen has to make her own judgement, yet we have no idea what that judgement will be."

"Brexit is fast highlighting the impotence of the monarch and the need for an effective, elected head of state."