Campaign group Republic has said they will not be deterred by a letter they received from the Home Office yesterday, setting out new policing powers.
The letter, sent anonymously from the Home Office Police Powers Unit, has been interpreted as a passive/aggressive intimidation of a legitimate protest group.
Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:
"We have had two meetings with the Met police, and numerous phone conversations. They have repeatedly said they have no concerns about Republic's plans. It is a mystery why the Home Office thought it was necessary to send us an anonymous letter that could be interpreted as intimidation."
"Republic will not be deterred and we will be protesting on Trafalgar Square and along the route of the coronation procession on Saturday."
"It is telling that Charles, who has had no problem speaking up on various issues, has chosen not to defend democratic rights when they are being threatened in his name. Perhaps he might make it clear that he believes in the right to protest."
Details of Republic's plans for Saturday, as well as other events around the country are at

The letter from the Home Office is