Republic has pledged to step up its campaign against the BBC's pro-royal coverage following the broadcaster's announcement of a season to 'celebrate' the Queen's coronation. The campaign group has met with BBC executives in the past over their continuing pro-royal bias. The latest announcement that the BBC is to openly celebrate the monarchy has been met with disbelief. Republic has announced on its social media that it will organise a protest outside Broadcasting House, with details to be announced in due course. Republic chief executive Graham Smith said today: "The BBC refuses to accept that its duty to be impartial extends to the royals. The monarchy is a public institution, a political institution that is opposed by millions of licence fee payers. They have to cover the issue in an impartial way. They can report celebrations and reflect on the anniversary, they cannot join in the celebrations."

"Following on from their celebratory coverage of the wedding and jubilee the BBC are at it again. The language used in promoting these new pro-royal programmes would make Vladimir Putin's PR team blush." "This is one very obvious example of a much wider problem with the BBC's royal reporting. Over the past several months there have been a dozen negative press stories involving the royals that have been completely ignored by BBC News. Yet they jump at every opportunity to dedicate hours of air time to fawning over William, Kate, Charles and the Queen." "Now the BBC is putting together a schedule of programmes that is nothing more than promotional guff. This includes a clear and deliberate attempt to paint the monarchy in a modern light and to equate being pro-monarchy with being pro-British." "There needs to be an urgent review of the BBC's royal coverage and a serious commitment to bring an end to their pro-monarchy bias."