A report in today's Mail on Sunday shows that Charles Windsor continues his political lobbying unabated. He is regularly summoning ministers of our elected government to Clarence House to lobby on a variety of highly controversial political issues, including health and the environment. We have made it clear time and again that if Charles wants to be a political lobbyist he must remove himself from the line of succession.  It is intolerable for him to remain in his position and to use secret access to ministers to lobby on policy issues.  Thanks to new freedom of information laws voters have no way of knowing whether policy is being changed or formulated according to the judgement of ministers or the wishes of the prince. Republic will continue its fight to see the FOI laws changed to allow voters access to this kind of information.  You can write to your MP demanding support for such change and expressing your concerns over Prince Charles's lobbying and interfering.

You can read the full report at the Mail on Sunday website.