Campaigners have called on MPs and MSPs to investigate the extent and impact of lobbying by Prince Charles, following fresh revelations about his impact on Scottish education policy.


The Guardian newspaper has suggested a direct link between changes in Holyrood policy and pressure brought to bear by Charles.  That change will likely benefit the charity Teach First, of which Charles is a patron.


Graham Smith, CEO of campaign group Republic, said today:


"Prince Charles is routinely lobbying ministers in pursuit of his own political agenda.  It is now clear he is also lobbying in support of specific organisations that will benefit from his efforts."


"This is completely unacceptable in a democratic society.  Charles is not just an ordinary citizen, he has privileged access to ministers, government papers and extra layers of protection against scrutiny."


"Scottish voters have a right to know if their education policy is being shaped by the best judgement of their elected government, or because of secretive and undue pressure from Charles."


"Scotland appears to be introducing a policy that is in line with a royal's niche ideas and completely out of step with the teaching profession.  That must be cause for alarm."


"As Charles begins to make the transition to become King we need to know the extent of his political interfering - and how this is related to his private financial interests and those of his friends and allies.  This behaviour could easily become a constitutional crisis once he is monarch."