Campaign group Republic has called on MPs to launch a full-scale investigation into the royal expenses scandal. The call follows reports that Prince Andrew is demanding more money from the taxpayer, to fund his daughters' lifestyles.


Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, has said today:


"The taxpayer does not owe the royal family an income at all.  We need an end to royal abuse of public funds - let's put the Queen on a salary and fund a small office for the head of state. The rest of them can pay their own way"


"Andrew seems to think the taxpayer are there for his benefit and to feather his family's nest. At a time of serious economic uncertainty the last thing we need is a grasping, greedy royal demanding more of our cash."


"At an estimated annual cost to the taxpayer of £334m the royals already cost the country too much. We need to be cutting that cost, not throwing more money at them to satisfy Andrew's vanity."


"Prince Charles's hypocrisy in claiming to want to trim down the monarchy should not be overlooked either. Charles wastes taxpayers' money as much as the rest of them, whether in avoiding tax, demanding state-funded security or flying around the country at taxpayers' expense."


"It's high time we saw MPs launch a full-scale investigation into royal expenses - the scandal has gone on long enough."





Republic's full report on royal finances, including details of the £334m annual cost, can be found at