Prince Andrew has been reported to the police for criminal damage to the gates at Windsor Great Park after the story broke in the Sun newspaper yesterday.

The report was made by Graham Smith, CEO of campaign group Republic.

Graham Smith said today:

"Thames Valley police told the Guardian they couldn't investigate the matter as it hadn't been reported.  Now it has."

"I expect the police to deal with this matter just as they would if the suspect were another other person."

"I cannot believe an ordinary member of the public would not be prosecuted for deliberately damaging these gates with their car."

"This is a matter of principle: will the royals be treated the same as the rest of us or is there a different law for them?"

"The Crown Estate also has questions to answer about why they haven't reported the incident.  They are a nationally owned property portfolio that raises revenue for the taxpayer.  They have a duty to protect their assets and to be open and honest with the press."

"If Prince Andrew wasn't responsible then why the silence from the palace and the estate?  Clearly this needs to be investigated properly."