Following last night's BBC interview, campaign group Republic has called on Prince Andrew to lose his royal title, saying the growing scandal should be a catalyst for a wider inquiry into the royal household.

Speaking for the group Graham Smith said today:

"Prince Andrew has brought shame on the UK and continues to disgrace himself as he shows no remorse or insight into what he has done."

"Andrew is accused of serious sexual offences and can do nothing more than regret letting down the monarchy. Any other public figure would be finished, Andrew needs to accept this is the end of his public life."

"This is the most public example of a litany of questionable behaviour by the royals. There are countless examples of abuse of power, misuse of public money, bullying behaviour and questionable relationships."

"The monarchy is rotten to the core and it's time we started an honest national debate about its future."

"They say the monarchy is the dignified part of the constitution, yet the evidence tells us it's disreputable, dishonest and corrupt. It's time it went."