Feel free to get creative and make your own placard or banner for the protest. Or download and print one from the options below. 

If you're making your own placard, here are some useful things to remember: keep it simple, use common slogans like "Not My King" or "Abolish The Monarchy", avoid anything that would cause genuine offence or which makes accusations against certain royals. These might be taken off you. We're aiming to have a sea of yellow, so a yellow placard with black writing is best.

You can print them at home or get them done at a reasonable price at places like Rymans.

The designs here can be used either as a placard at the protest or a poster to put in your window.

Each design is available as pdf and can be printed in full colour or grayscale (black and white)



You can also order batches of leaflets from Republic. See the shop for details.