Anti-monarchy campaigners have criticised the police response to Prince Philip's crash and reports of driving without a seat belt.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, said today:

"This isn't special treatment because of his age, it's special treatment because of his status."

"Two women and a child could have lost their lives this week, they're lucky to have gotten away with relatively minor injuries.  Yet Prince Philip will face no consequences."

"This simply wouldn't happen if it were anyone else at the wheel, regardless of their age.  So the police need to be challenged on their leniency towards the royals."

"Three years ago it was Thames Valley Police turning a blind eye to deliberate damage of property by Prince Andrew, when he drove his vehicle into gates in Windsor.  Now a much more serious incident is treated with the same indifference."

"The lack of apparent concern from the royals has come to be expected, but the police have a duty to protect the whole community without prejudice.  All police forces must treat everyone equally, giving someone an easy time because of his family connections is appalling."

"I'll be writing to the relevant authoriries, including the Home Secretary, to raise this matter and push for a police re-think on their attitude to the royals."