Campaigners have criticised comments made by politicians following the booing of Prince William at a football match over the weekend.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"It’s ok to boo public figures. It’s a form of protest. That includes booing members of the royal family, who are about as public as public figures get."

"Some people might not like it, it might make some people uncomfortable, but that’s tough. We don’t get outraged when it’s directed at politicians, nor should we when it’s directed at royals."

"It is worrying when MPs and the Speaker start to condemn those who challenge the royals. We cannot tolerate that kind of attack on freedom of expression. If cheering the royals is ok, then so is booing them."

"It shouldn't be a surprise William was booed. The royals don't represent Britain, they represent elitism, unearned wealth, limits on democracy and hereditary privilege."

"We live in a country that leaves many destitute while rewarding one family with hundreds of millions of pounds, two-dozen luxury homes and a fleet of private jets, helicopters and even their own train."

"What’s shameful is not the booing, but the condemnation of that booing by politicians who have remained silent in the face of scandal after royal scandal."