In light of current HSBC revelations campaign group Republic will be writing to all the party leaders, calling on them to support an end to royal tax avoidance.

The group says the government needs to 'come clean' over Prince Charles's unique tax arrangements, which are shrouded in secrecy and mis-direction.  The demand is part of Republic's Royal Secrets campaign.

Prince Charles's Duchy of Cornwall does not pay corporation tax or capital gains tax, yet no valid reason for this has ever been forthcoming from the government.

Questions have also been raised about the lack of transparency over Charles's income tax, which he pays on a voluntary basis.

Republic's previous calls for the Duchy to pay corporation tax prompted a 2013 investigation by the Commons public accounts committee and widespread media interest in the issue.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"In light of current pledges to stamp out tax avoidance it is right that party leaders send a clear message: that tax avoidance is unacceptable whoever you are."

"Charles is a one-man tax-haven.  He doesn't need the services of HSBC to dodge millions of pounds of tax - he just has a secretive word in the government's ear."

"It's high time political leaders brought an end to royal tax-dodging.  Royals should be compelled to pay the same tax as the rest of us."

"Royal tax arrangements are about as dodgy as they get - the fact they're officially sanctioned doesn't make them morally acceptable."

Republic will call on leaders of all the main political parties to support an end to unique royal tax arrangements.  

Prince Charles's tax arrangements are shrouded in secrecy:

    No good reason has ever been given for exempting the Duchy from corporation tax, the government has never adequately explained it's position on this issue.

    Charles combines income tax with VAT in his annual report, making it impossible to calculate how much income tax he has actually paid - a point criticised by the PAC.

    It is unknown how much money Charles has saved through avoiding corporation tax.  If the tax were paid it would have a significant impact on the profits he receives as a personal income.

    Details of expenses claimed before tax are kept secret, so there is no way of knowing how credible Charles's tax arrangements are - a point also criticised by the PAC.

    Details of government approvals of Duchy land transactions are kept secret with the treasury relying on Duchy officials to confirm whether land is traded at the market price.  The PAC has called for more transparency on this issue.

The Duchy has come up with a number of excuses for not paying tax - in evidence given to the PAC in 2013 Republic debunked all those excuses in detail.

The PAC's report can be found at

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