Campaign group Republic has called on parliament to reprimand the Queen for making a direct intervention in the Scottish referendum.  

The call comes after the Guardian revealed the deliberate intent behind comments made by the Queen in the run up to the September vote on Scottish independence.

The report makes clear that the comments were part of a planned intervention on behalf of the No campaign, as Republic claimed at the time.

Republic takes no view on Scottish independence but believes the Queen has over-stepped the boundaries of her position as head of state by interfering in the democratic process.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"The Guardian makes clear that the Queen was prepared to take deliberate steps to encourage people to vote No in the referendum. Regardless of how people feel about Scottish independence we should all be alarmed at such a political intervention by a hereditary monarch."

"We would normally expect a head of state to take an active interest in such a momentous referendum, but the deal with the monarchy is that the monarch stays quiet and keeps out of these debates."   

"The real problem is the system. But that doesn't excuse the Queen making her views known in such an underhand way while having her press office insist she is impartial."   

"We're calling on MPs to censure the Queen for her intervention in the referendum campaign.  Of course the Queen is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't - but the bottom line is that the rules are there and the Queen can't pick and choose when to follow them."   

"This is why our head of state needs to be elected - so if they get it wrong like this they can be held to account."