Anti-monarchy group Republic is set to launch a "Not Another 70" campaign, aimed at calling for an end to the monarchy.

The campaign will coincide with the run up to the Queen's Jubilee, and will culminate in a conference on the weekend of June 2nd.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

"While a vocal minority will want to celebrate the Queen's seventy year reign, we must all start looking to the future. The prospect of King Charles is not a happy one, and there is a good, democratic alternative on offer."

"It's time to have a serious debate about our constitution, accept that Charles is not the best the country has to offer, and that as a nation we are quite capable of choosing our head of state."

"It's time to reject the nonsense arguments about tourism, stability and widespread affection for the royals, and take a more sensible look at what the monarchy really is, and what it really costs the country."

"That cost isn't just financial, it is a cost to our democracy, to our status as citizens and to our principles."

"In just twelve months the royals have been accused of racism, climate change hypocrisy, abuse of public funds, secrecy, cash-for-honours, cash-for-access and all the various things associated with Prince Andrew, including sheltering him from justice."

"This is a shabby institution that does not deserve to continue. It is set against our nation's deeply held democratic principles, it is corrupt and secretive and it is bad for British democracy."

"Now is the time to look to a democratic future, a future without the monarchy."

Details of the "Not Another 70" campaign will be released in due course.