Campaign group Republic has said it stands with all those who were unlawfully arrested on Saturday and since, after reports that dozens of other protesters were arrested and not charged.

Republic has called on the government to repeal the recent draconian public order legislation, which has in effect robbed the UK of the right to protest.

Graham Smith said today:

"This has been a very difficult time for those involved, and I want to be clear that we stand should-to-shoulder with all protesters who were unlawfully arrested on the weekend. We have heard reports that this is happening again today. I'm unclear of the details but if so we want to be clear that we continue to support all those who are unlawfully detained. This has to stop."

"This new law is a disgrace and needs to be repealed. Along with other recent public order legislation it has muddied the water and extended powers to the point that citizens are powerless to assert their right to protest."

"Innocent people were deprived of their liberty on Saturday without any cause for suspicion. That is a very serious position for a democracy to find itself in, and it must be dealt with with some urgency."

"The police on Saturday appeared confused about what they were arresting protesters for, and the operation certainly appeared to be a premeditated attempt to disrupt and diminish coronation protests."

"I have no doubt in my mind that pressure was put on the police by the government and palace to take this action. This is why there must be an inquiry into what happened and who made what decisions and why."

"Whoever was arrested, and whatever purpose they had for being in the vicinity of the coronation, if they were unlawfully detained under these laws we will offer whatever support we can to ensure all those affected can get justice."