The so-called magic of the monarchy has evaporated following revelations from the leaked copy of Prince Harry's book Spare, according to campaigners.

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith has said today that Britain deserves better, as we can now all see the men at the top of this institution would never be chosen in a free and fair election.

Graham Smith said:

"Whatever you think of the revelations in Harry's book, this row is destroying the monarchy and any sense of mystery or mythology that has sustained it in the past."

"We can now see very ordinary, unimpressive people who are prone to quick tempers, fits of violence and petty jealousies."

"The kind of behaviour demonstrated by William has been talked about for years, now Harry is throwing a spotlight on it and it can no longer be ignored."

"Charles and William are not men we would elect as head of state, if we were given the chance, yet there they are. We have people at the top of our society most of us would actively vote against in a free and fair election, because the King and heir would not withstand the scrutiny and challenges that comes with that contest."

"We cannot dismiss the allegations as a family feud when the family is the basis for a hereditary monarchy. The serious problems within the royal household destroy a significant part of the justification for the institution."

"Harry has also highlighted the cruelty of an institution that raises children according to a rigid pecking order, telling the younger ones they must always defer to the rights and rank of their siblings."

"This is no way to raise a family, it is no way to govern a country. The British people will see that, and will increasingly know it is time the monarchy went. "