Campaign group Republic has called on MPs to confront Prince Charles over his political interfering, following the release of a second batch of his letters.

The letters include direct lobbying for the government to fund alternative medicine, contrary to all the prevailing professional opinion.

Republic's CEO, Graham Smith, said today:

"These letters show a deliberate and persistent effort by Prince Charles to interfere in the political process, to demand changes to government policy."

"As heir to the throne Charles is expected to keep his opinions to himself.  If he doesn't like that arrangement he can always remove himself from the line of succession and become a private citizen.  Instead he is deliberately and wilfully abusing his position."

"Charles has been demanding the cash-strapped NHS spend money on homeopathy, despite all the evidence agaisnt its efficacy.  He's entitled to his opinion, but mustn't abuse his position to force his opinion on others."

"Anyone can lobby a government minister if they wish, but Charles has unique and secretive access and the opportunity to put pressure on ministers."

"It is now essential that the full extent of Prince Charles's interfering is exposed.  Voters have a right to know what impact he is having on public policy.  I'm calling on MPs to investigate this issue and demand Charles refrain from further meddling."